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Publication - Commerce Journal

Commerce Journal (CJ) is the official student publication of the UST – College of Commerce and Business Administration. On its 70th year, CJ illuminates continuing brilliance through its numerous outputs, events, and other activities that also signify exceptional dynamism and passion. CJ has been consistent and persistent in publishing superb outputs such as The Avenue, the official magazine of the College of Commerce and Business Administration, which showcases distinctive articles tackling a broad scope. After every semester, CJ traces back its roots on upholding responsible campus journalism through the Propaganda, the official broadsheet of the College of Commerce and Business Administration. While The Currency ultimately discusses helpful scholarly works, The Hub, its literary and arts folio, is a collaborative collage showcasing literary and art masterpieces. CJ proves to be an ultimately extraordinary student publication with its outstanding events like The Outstanding Commerce Graduates, which recognizes graduating students who have showcased excellence both in the sphere of academics and leadership. Furthermore, it hones the students’ intellect through staging an inter-organizational quiz bee dubbed as ‘InQuest: Are You Smarter than Your Professors? Season 2.’ Aside from various internal events that train the staffers, CJ also holds teambuilding seminars as an enriching escapade for the camaraderie of the staffers. At the end of the school year, CJ stages the Campus Paper Management Seminar for series of lectures that will enrich the staffers’ proficiency on the appropriate supervision of a student publication which will also serve as an instrument to ripen the staffers’ bond.


The line does not end.
We do not cease to exist.
The Commerce Journal traversed almost seven decades.
Every year,
the Commerce Journal has more than one hundred applicants,
but only few make it to this haven of distinctive excellence.

We are the Commerce Journal.


As Commerce disembarks to its 75th year,
the Commerce Journal sailed with the journey
and anchors to its 69th year.

But CJ will not stop
to etch words
and spill inks
and scribble ideas
that will engrave clever pieces in blank parchments,
surpassing even the decades to come.

We have transpired into a legacy.

The Commerce Journal is a legacy.



We, members of the editorial staff of the UST-Commerce Journal (UST-CJ) of the Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas, by virtue of state’s policy to uphold and protect the freedom of the press and campus journalism, seek to serve the best interests of the studentry through promoting and enhancing creative thinking, ethical values, and social awareness among the staffers, by providing ample supplementary information and reading materials through the technical guidance of our adviser, the students, and the implored aid of God Almighty. (from the Preamble, CJ Constitution)


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