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Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 07 June 2012 16:16


Thomasian Junior Marketing Association

The theme color of the newly formed marketing based organization, the Thomasian Junior Marketing Association (TJMA) comprises of the colors Light Blue, Royal Blue and Silver, other accenting colors are white, yellow and light violet. The shield shape logo describes the ideal Thomasian marketer’s characteristics which are strength, endurance, and determination. The logo is divided by two distinctive colors symbolizing the two characteristic of marketing. Royal blue symbolizes the old school which depicts the theories and practices that are used during the early market days, while the lighter blue stands for modernity & innovativeness that current market era persist. The Silver banner symbolizes prestige and professionalism with the name of the organization, Thomasian Junior Marketing Association together with its abbreviation TJMA. Secluded on the center of the logo is an overlap of the globe and buildings, they represent the organization’s competence for globalization and industrialization. The yellow round circular object called gear symbolizes the 7 P’s of the Marketing Mix that initially composes of the Product, Place, Promotion, and Price it later on added with Physical Environment, Process, and People. The blade like Boomerang represents the preservation of its former organization, the Junior Chamber of Business Administrator (JCBA), having color violet as the theme color, before it dissolved into TJMA and Junior Financial Investors and Executives (JFINEX). The Boomerang also represents intelligence, spunk, and impact.


We envision Marketing majors as competent and efficient global marketers and successful business managers who are socially responsible rooted with Thomistic values.


To provide meaningful service to its members and uplift academic excellence and intellectual capabilities on matters concerning Marketing in order to expand its members professionalism en route to becoming a Thomasian graduate who is competent, compassionate, and committed.



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